1951 Productions was formed to create a facility for producing and co-producing new playwrights and their works. Currently, it is specializing in work by Bruce Karp. Information about Bruce is below and his plays, consisting of both full-length and short works are included in Current and Past Productions.

Bruce Karp has written numerous short plays, several of which have been performed at South Florida theater festivals and other venues in the United States and Canada. His three full-length plays have had staged readings in Florida (1951 Productions), and his recently finished fourth play, "Clear Blue Sky", had a development workshop in Michigan in May 2020. Bruce is a member of the Dramatists’ Guild and New Play Exchange.


Some recent performances of his work by other Production and Theatre companies include: “The Spot”; “Why Not Merman?”; Musical version of “The Spot” (developed at Miami New Musicals); “Goy Meets Girl”; and “The Portrait”. Details of these and other works are included in the Past Productions.

If you want more information about 1951 Productions LLC and/or Bruce Karp's work, including his unproduced plays, please contact us at 1951ProductionsLLC@gmail.com or use the Contact form.

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