Bruce Karp's full-length play, "Clear Blue Sky" has been filmed as a complete performance (not a reading) and will be streamed by The Heights Players, a 65-year-old community theater mainstay in Brooklyn, NY. The play was filmed on the stage of the John Bourne Theater (no audience) with fine local actors.


Streaming starts "On Demand" on Friday, July 16th and will be available through Sunday, August 1st. Tickets are $10 and can be ordered beginning on the 16th at to buy your ticket.


Some of you may have seen a reading of this play a year ago by The Sauk in Michigan, but this is the first time the play is being performed on a stage, with no scripts in hand. I'm excited about seeing it and hope you'll want to see it, too.

THE SHORT AND SHORT OF IT: Stories of Human Connection 

Sandrell Rivers Theatre, December 10-12, 2021 - Miami, FL (Planned Production)

See News Page for Audition/Call-Back information for August 21st and 22nd.


The Production, being co-produced with the Fantasy Theatre Factory, is a compilation of several short comedies and dramatic plays that will touch on many facets of human interaction: family dysfunction, acceptance of gay lifestyle, social behavior, HIV, homelessness, kindness, friendship, love, and even some Hip Hop. Each play is different in approach and content, but all are meant to be thought-provoking and hopeful, leaving the audience to think about the way they see the world.